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01 Aug 2016
posted by: Amanda

Case Study - The real ROI of gondola end displays


With $$$$$Millions being spent each week to attract the shopper's attention; does your business really know the Return on Investment (ROI) that these precious, much fought over, holy sites of displays & gondolas actually deliver to the bottom line? 

It is true that in most cases when there is a gondola end on, sales go through the roof. However is it a safe assumption that these additional sales come from the gondola end? We're not so sure.....

The case study

A major chips / crisps manufacturer (aka Salty) sold 75% of their chips on promotion. When they ran a gondola end display in-store, sales increased by 200-300%. As such, Salty paid top dollar for key gondola display ends in-store to get the most shopper impact on promotion.

Salty is not alone as major manufacturers of Confectionery, Soft drinks, Loo paper and Biscuits (to name but a few) do the same.

The reality?

In-store research showed that <10% of sales came from the gondola end location.


Good luck.