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02 Feb 2015
posted by: Amanda

'Eat Well for Less' programme hits the spot with shoppers this week...

 BBC1 Eat well for less

Initial qualitative findings show that shoppers are changing their shopper habits across some of the key FMCG categories...

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04 Dec 2014
posted by: Penny

Shop Talk - Find out what shoppers are really saying about promotions...


Hear it from the horses mouth with this special edition video blog on promotions and their impact on shoppers' behaviour...

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21 Nov 2014
posted by: Steve

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Shoppers...


Here are 5 important questions that you should aim to know the answers to...

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05 Nov 2014
posted by: Amanda

The How To? of Shopper Decision Trees...

And whether or not a shopper decision tree should just in fact be a 'shopper's' decision tree

They do inform on shelf layout - and this is pretty important - but shopper decision trees have got so much more to offer. Please read more if you are grappling with, challenging and looking for more value from your humble shopper decision tree.

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23 Oct 2014
posted by: Amanda

Global manufacturer reveals 'secret' to genuine category growth...

The grocery industry in Australia has been abuzz following Woolworths’ launch of their new category strategy process in September...  

And this is not just unique to Australia. With Tesco in the UK in particular, it seems that retailers now seriously do believe that a structured strategy development process for the category is what's required in order to win with shoppers in-store

Do you agree? Read more to find out how this manufacturer made it happen...

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09 Oct 2014
posted by: Amanda

What is the real ROI from your Gondola & Display ends?

With £££$$$$$Millions being spent each week to attract the shopper's attention; does your business really know the Return on Investment (ROI) that these precious, much fought over, holy sites of displays & gondolas actually deliver to the bottom line? 

It is true that in most cases when there is a gondola end on, sales usually do go through the roof. However is it a safe assumption that these additional sales come from the gondola end? We're not so sure.....

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