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28 Sep 2014
posted by: Amanda

Case study; the difference between what shoppers think they do & what they actually do when shopping...

There are numerous reasons why shoppers don't do what they think they do when shopping ...from simply not remembering to outright lying, but why is this the case?

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18 Sep 2014
posted by: Amanda

Shopper segmentation; one view to rule all others?

In our conversations with shopper & category leaders, the phrase 'shopper segmentation' keeps popping up, but is there such a thing as one shopper segmentation?

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05 Sep 2014
posted by: Steve

Shopperpedia in the press - dwell time revealed

GROCERY shoppers barely stop to think before buying milk but scratch their heads when selecting shampoo. Customers linger longest at hair care, skin care and baby care shelves, spending almost a minute on average deciding.

Researchers armed with stop watches tracked 64,500 customers at supermarkets.

Shopperpedia talks to The Herald Sun.

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04 Sep 2014
posted by: Amanda

Ten tips for shopper marketers everywhere

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21 May 2014
posted by: Amanda

Supermarkets; the new advice channel?

Advice channel

The traditional territory of pharmacy and specialist channels, are supermarkets looking to get a piece of the lucrative advice & diet channel?

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