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04 May 2016
posted by: Amanda

Understand Why [RetailWorld article 3]


Getting maximum ROI from shoppers
Last time we talked about getting started when it comes to shopper execution. In this third article in the series we will cover Understanding Why, i.e., finding out what is working & why in order to continually increase impact with shoppers. There are three key areas that explain this:

  •  What you should measure & why
  •  What to do with it once you know
  •  WATCHOUT: Case study example of how it can go wrong & why

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19 Apr 2016
posted by: Amanda

How to get to the starting line [RetailWorld article 2]


Getting maximum ROI from shoppers
Last time we talked about what success looks like when it comes to shopper execution. In this second article in the series we will cover Getting Started for shopper execution, i.e., how to make that ‘scary’ first step. We’ll cover:
⦁    How to get to the starting line
⦁    How to prioritise
⦁    How to build support within your business

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18 Mar 2016
posted by: Amanda

What does successful shopper execution look like? [RetailWorld article 1]


 Retail World logo

Getting maximum ROI from shoppers

Something that increases impact with shoppers is a step in the right direction and insightful behavioural metrics such as dwell time, browsing typology and pick-up purchase ratios are really good ways of measuring shopper stopper power. However, the only thing that matters when it comes to shopper activation success is conversion, because greater shopper conversion equals more sales.

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05 Nov 2015
posted by: Amanda

Conversion Report Offer

Probably the most useful piece of shopper insight your business could own and at less than £15K for the Top 4 UK retailers, now's the time to get your hands on it!


In today's tough trading environment, winning in-store is where brands are grabbing the edge.

Find out how to drive your brands further with the Conversion Funnel Report from the team at Shopperpedia.

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14 May 2015
posted by: Amanda

What shoppers think & what they do are two different things...

 think do

As the UK election pollsters found out, there's a big difference between what people think and what they do...

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26 Feb 2015
posted by: Amanda

UK FMCG market lags way behind Australia in shopper...

These are words that I never thought I'd put together given the maturity of the UK retail industry compared to Australia, but the unavoidable truth is that when it comes to shopper, big FMCG manufacturers are lagging way behind where they ought to be...

Image showing snail pace for UK shopper research and insights lagging behind Australia shopper research and insights

Especially in this incredibly competitive market, especially when the retailers are struggling to create point of difference and especially when the brand war can increasingly be won in-store, ignoring the shopper in today's climate feels like lunacy. 

So why does it happen? We've identified 5 common faults holding manufacturers back. Today we'll look at the first of these...

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