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What we do

A unique approach to shopper...

We are a market research agency that sells quantitative, in-store shopper insights for most FMCG categories, segments & brands. We research across several channels – please contact us to find out more about these.

Shopperpedia is a shopper marketing research agency

7 Key Principles

We aren't big into shouting about us..... so hopefully this bit is not too clumsy to read.... But we do have these seven guiding principles and they do kind of sum up us!

Independent, Leading experts, Relevant, Robust, In-store

1. De-facto

It is our goal to make shopper de-facto for most FMCG businesses; dare we even say to make it as important as consumer? A lofty goal to have we know & we've been pioneering the understanding, use of & retailer engagement with shopper insights since 2004 to try and achieve this.  

2. Syndicated

It is our goal to make robust, in-store shopper insights available to all, across all categories. Before Shopperpedia, this type of research was a privilege reserved for the big companies with the big bucks (due to the cost of in-store research) and even for those big companies, was only conducted for their major categories and not across their portfolio. Due to the syndicated nature of Shopperpedia we are able to offer real value for money and greater ROI - as well as saving you budget!

3. Embedded

It is our goal to make shopper a way of working for your business and to drive a common language for shopper. In the same way that consumer metrics such as Penetration, AWOP, IPI, Frequency, etc were 'new news' years ago but now standard practice, our aim is to embed key shopper insight into your business processes. For example, we have a New Product Development (NPD) Launch Indicator that beds into our clients NPD stage & gate processes. This was developed specifically to ensure that shopper was considered in the NPD conversations as early on as possible and not at the last minute as is sometimes common. We have developed a whole suite of industry leading collateral such as this, e.g., the Decision Tree, Category Role, Category Drivers, etc to make your life as easy as possible and drive usage of shopper as much as possible.

4. Independent

Years ago, when we were just a category management consultancy and didn't do shopper research, a lot of really good insight & strategy work failed to hit the mark with the retailer. They'd often lament .... 'this is great company X, but your competitors have just been in and told us something completely different..' We tested why this happened in our category training seminars. In Group 1 we gave them data on their category where the category & brand names had been removed. They had 2 hours to analyse it & prepare a (role play) category story to the retailer from their findings. We gave the exact same information to Group 2 but in this group we didn't remove their category or brand names. They also had 2 hours & the same task to complete. Without exception, group 1 delegates quickly identified the key insights, presented these logically to the retailer (in role play) and had an 80% success rate of engaging the retailer into the initiatives proposed. With only 2 exceptions, group 2 delegates debated for up to 2.5 times longer, consistently had flaws /omissions in their category story and had a less than 20% success rate of engaging the retailer into the initiatives proposed. Please read our case study on this for more details: [Case Study #11]

As such, Shopperpedia is a service that is independent and available to both manufacturers and retailers. The level of trust achieved through both parties looking at the same insight seems to drive the better results for shoppers, brands & retailers in-store. 

5. Robust

Shopperpedia is a quantitative service. We work to samples that are robust enough for our clients to do detailed analysis. Our samples tend to be significantly higher than anything a manufacturer or retailer could achieve on their own. 

Occasionally clients ask us to increase samples, e.g., if they are running specific in-store trials in certain stores. This can all be managed by us & is a really cost efffective way to see the results of your trials. 

6. Insightful

So what? Exactly!

We've worked hard to drive an insights based approach through our client team and through the Shopperpedia tool. Over the years we've analysed shopper to the nth degree and therefore s much as possible we put this thinking into the Shopperpedia tool to bring you insight ready presentations, KPI dashboards and inforgraphics at the click of a mouse.

7. In-store

When we first started doing shopper research we did all different kinds; qualitative, quantitative, in-home, in the car, in the store, online, videoing, eye tracking, etc. You name it, we've done it! As a result we've been able to independently analyse the best approach for shopper.

We use 100% in-store methodology and have unprecedented store access with the leading retailers in the markets we work in. We found such a huge difference between what shoppers think they do & what they do, we simply couldn't stand behind online research for shopper. Please read our case study on this for more details: [Case Study #1]