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Retailers and Manufacturers we work with


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“Shopperpedia continues to be a highly valued partner in defining shopper insights for commercial advantage; their ongoing, in-store research produces insight that provides the relevant and current picture we need for our customers. To have this across multiple categories and with such high quality client service, it’s easy to see why the Shopperpedia team have built a strong reputation.

As the Australian market becomes more shopper centric, commercial strategies for success should become more Shopperpedia centric.”
Reckitt Benckiser, Rob Reames, Shopper Insights Team Leader

“Shopperpedia has given us relevant and up to date, Australian shopper insight to underpin the creation of, and sell in to, strategies for major grocery. It has been at the heart of the SOP process with Woolworths, and we have used to drive insight into both ranging and planogram layouts.

It is easy to use, and has become one of the key sources used by the category team. We also get excellent support from the Shopperpedia team to both build capability, and tailor the findings to our specific needs, including drawing out insight that can be transferred across the broader business, into impulse and independent grocery."
Pepsico Australia and New Zealand, Sam Hunt, National Customer Marketing / Category Insights