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Retailer Relationships

The only agency with everyday access to the top retailers’ stores.

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100% In Store

What shoppers do, not what they think they do.

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Value For Money

Saving via syndication.

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Insight Not Just Data

The critical 'why?' factor.

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Shopper Pioneers

We know shoppers like no-one else.

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ROI calculator

This ROI calculator can be used to compare Shopperpedia to a bespoke agency when considering an in depth in store shopper research project consisting of interviewing 500 shoppers at the point of purchase.

Area of spendYour quoted bespoke projectExample Shopperpedia project
Man daysCostMan daysCost
Research quote - -
Days spent by you / your internal team in briefing / project management -
Days spent by you / your internal team in retailer engagement & store permissions -
Days spent by you / your internal team in further analysis / presentation building -
Loss of 5% increase in sales across duration of total project - -
Weeks before delivery & required ROI


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